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Your MasterCard Debit Card

Most checkbooks can only do one thing - Checking. Our MasterCard Debit Card does this and much more, providing you a faster, more economical, more convenient way to buy the products and services you need. Plus, the MasterCard Debit Card performs all the functions of an ATM card which means there’s NEVER A FEE to use your card at our ATM or at any ATM sporting a "Co-Op" logo.  Our handy debit card is the checking and withdrawing card all in one! And there’s NO APPLICATION FEE.


Another tip for avoiding surcharge fees when using your CU Debit/ATM card:
Request cash back at a point of sale. Thousands of merchants across the country offer this simple and easy way for cardholders to get surcharge-free cash. All you need to do is select the cash back option when making a purchase with your debit card and use your personal identification number (PIN).

And remember, we also offer three foreign ATM transactions at no charge.

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